Ecological stationery for writing

Pens, pencils, highlighters, erasers and pencil sharpeners

Mans takes care of the production and supply of ecological writing products. Special design, green attitude, maximum sustainability and great quality of the stretch: the pens, pencils and markers of our catalog offer maximum performance with a particular attention to the environment.

Each product is unique, made of materials such as bamboo, bottle or recyclable plastic. Each packaging is equipped with a special QR code that allows you to view the item on your smartphone and download fun interactive games on your phone.

Gel pens in bamboo, with clip and tip in recycled plastic
Colored pens in bamboo, with clip and tip in colored recycled plastic
Erasable pen in recyclable plastic and interchangeable refil
Colored ballpoint pens, 60% recycled plastic
Highlighter pen, made of bamboo and aluminum
Fineliner in recycled plastic of different colors
Mechanical pencil in bamboo, with clip and tip in recycled plastic
Ecological colored pencils in recycled newspaper
Colored plant pencils, rainbow and wood fsc
Highlighters in recycled bottle plastic
Correctors in completely recycled materials
PVC free tires and bamboo sharpeners