Ecological stationery

Pens, notebooks, accessories and hi-tech products

Mans Italia stems from an innovative and ambitious idea: bringing ecology to the desk of all professionals and students, combining quality and sustainability with the production of green stationery designed for large-scale retail trade (bookshops, supermarkets, shops).

Bamboo pens, notebooks with recycled paper from controlled forests, jute accessories and hi-tech products made from sustainable materials. A fresh and respectful approach to the Planet, which has given life to a catalog selected for school and work, completely ecological and with multimedia packaging to entertain children and adults.

About us


Mans takes care of the production and supply of ecological writing products.

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Green paper

If you look for beautiful, durable and 100% environmentally friendly notebooks, notes and collectors, Mans has the right catalog for you.

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Eco Tech

Digital technology can be environmentally friendly.

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Mans offers customers a selection of accessories for stationery, ideal for those who want to respect the environment without sacrificing style.

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Fantastic in store, perfect for large retailers, with great aesthetic impact and as always environmentally friendly.

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To enhance brands and brands close to the concepts of ecology, sustainability and ethical consumption

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Browse or download our catalog

Browse or download our catalog Mans and Plastic Bank

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